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Pan Dulce - Concha Snowglobe Glass Can

Pan Dulce - Concha Snowglobe Glass Can

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This Snowglobe glass can is coated with a protective layer of epoxy resin to help your glass can last longer and help prevent the vinyl from peeling.

includes pink straw, rhinestone lid, and 2 straw toppers 

15oz capacity Glass Can.

*Care instructions*
Please handle with care. Hand wash ONLY, preferably right after using it. Do not scrub the outside or soak the cup. Not microwaveable or dishwasher safe. Please treat each cup with lots of love.m so it can last as long as possible 💕

- All glass cans are handmade. I try my best to make all my products as perfect as possible, however, small imperfections such as bubbles, may appear.
- Each glass can is unique and may have slight differences such as image placement.

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